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Clash – Ivan Meets G.I. Joe

“Indicação” nº 13 do dia:

Ivan Meets G.I. Joe

So you’re on the floor, at 54
Think you can last – at the Palace
Does your body go to the to and fro?
But tonight’s the night – or didn’t you know
That Ivan meets G.I. Joe

He tried his tricks- that Ruskie bear
The United Nations said it’s all fair
He did the radiation – the chemical plague
But he could not win – with a cossack spin

The Vostok Bomb – the Stalin strike
He tried every move – he tried to hitch hike
He drilled a hole – like a Russian star
He made every move in his repertoire

When Ivan meet G.I. Joe

Now it was G.I. Joe’s turn to blow
He turned it on – cool and slow
He tried a payphone call to the Pentagon
A radar scan – a leviathan

He wiped the Earth – clean as a plate
What does it take to make a Ruskie break?
But the crowd are bored and off they go
Over the road to watch China blow!

When Ivan meets G.I. Joe


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